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Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

Who says workouts have to be confined to indoor spaces? In Los Angeles, there are plenty of spots great for outdoor workout Los Angeles. They offer the perfect setting to get fit while soaking up the sun. Whether you prefer beachside yoga or invigorating hikes, there’s an outdoor space in LA to suit every workout preference. Discover the best places in LA to exercise for free while enjoying some Vitamin D. Many parks in LA have exercise equipment available, providing a convenient spot for activities like squats and push-ups. Get ready to breathe, move, and sweat in the fresh air at these top outdoor spots in LA.

8 Top Outdoor Workout Spots in Los Angeles:

1. Sand Dune Park

Sand Dune Park Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

Sand Dune Park is a fantastic destination for both exercise enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering breathtaking views of the ocean. However, due to its immense popularity, certain regulations have been implemented to manage the crowd and ensure a pleasant experience for visitors. It is now required to make a reservation in advance to access the dune, and the number of climbers is limited to fifty at a time.

Situated in Manhattan Beach, this dune has attracted a wide range of individuals, including celebrities, sports figures, and regular visitors seeking an intense workout. Standing at approximately 100 feet tall, the Manhattan Beach Dune presents a formidable challenge. Ascending the dune is not for the faint-hearted, and jogging up its slopes requires a high level of fitness. It demands perseverance and endurance, as first-time climbers often need to take frequent breaks to reach the summit.

2. Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park boasts one of the most expansive outdoor fitness parks in the Los Angeles region. The park encompasses three dedicated sections, each offering a unique range of fitness equipment. The standard area provides a variety of bodyweight and motion-based products, including inclusive options for individuals with accessibility needs. There is also a therapeutic section specifically designed for individuals aged 55 and above, catering to their specific fitness requirements. Additionally, the park features an elite area equipped with advanced training options tailored for athletes seeking to elevate their performance.

For the safety and convenience of park users, each fitness area is installed on color-coded surfacing, providing a visual distinction between the different sections. Instructional signage is also available to guide visitors on proper equipment usage and exercise techniques. The park attracts adults and older teenagers who frequent the premises to pursue their health and wellness goals. Personal trainers frequently organize boot camp classes and other group fitness sessions, making the park a hub of community engagement and active lifestyle promotion.

3. Manhattan Beach Parcourse on the Strand

Manhattan Beach Parcourse on the Strand

In the picturesque setting of Manhattan Beach, where the beach seamlessly connects with the bike path, you’ll find a modest sandy area equipped with pull-up bars and benches. This outdoor workout spot offers a serene atmosphere with the soothing sound of crashing waves serving as the backdrop to your physical endeavors. It’s a no-frills space designed for basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and hanging exercises, and ample room for squats, lunges, and jump rope. To top it off, bring along your bike and conclude your workout with a refreshing ride along the scenic coastal route.

4. Santa Monica stairs

Santa Monica stairs Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

Santa Monica is renowned for its outdoor workout opportunities, and the Santa Monica stairs take center stage in the Westside. This popular spot attracts both dedicated fitness enthusiasts and those seeking a more relaxed stair-climbing experience. You’ll find a wooden staircase with 170 steps and a concrete staircase with 189 steps to challenge yourself. The incline is quite steep, providing a rewarding workout. Keep in mind that it can get crowded, as fitness enthusiasts, sit-up practitioners, and push-up enthusiasts gather here. If it becomes too congested, you can explore the lesser-known La Mesa stairs nearby. These narrow steps offer a tougher workout without the convenience of railings found on the Santa Monica stairs. Park your car on San Vicente or utilize metered parking on Ocean Avenue to access the stairs and enjoy your workout session.

5. La Cienega Park

La Cienega Park Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

La Cienega Park is a stunning and well-maintained park that attracts the residents of Beverly Hills. It’s a perfect alternative to your monthly gym membership because it offers free outdoor fitness equipment that feels like a playground for adults.This park is highly regarded in Beverly Hills and boasts three baseball diamonds, two of which can be transformed into soccer fields during specific seasons. Additionally, there’s a jogging track encircling the park and a newly constructed pavilion that houses outdoor exercise equipment, providing a fantastic workout for everyone. In addition to its athletic amenities, the park features vibrant playground equipment, barbecue grills, and picnic tables, making it an ideal spot for family outings and gatherings.

6. Culver City Stairs ( known as the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook)

Baldwin Hills Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

The Culver City stairs offer a challenging workout and breathtaking views of Los Angeles. These steep steps provide a great opportunity for a free and invigorating workout.

7. Veterans Park

Veterans Park Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

One corner of this seaside park has an impressive collection of calisthenics equipment. There are pull-up bars and dip bars of varying heights and grips, an agility grid to develop faster feet, and stations for sit-ups and crunches too. This is the only local park that has plyometric boxes onto which exercisers can jump, then dismount and repeat.

The adjacent playground has plenty of climbing options to keep kids busy, and there’s a big, grassy field that’s perfect for sprinting, Frisbee flinging, or general frolicking.

8. Biking on the Strand

Strand Outdoor Workout Los Angeles

Stretching for 22 miles along the shoreline, this scenic bike path offers a delightful ride with the added bonus of beachside relaxation. The path is characterized by its flat and smooth terrain, making it perfect for cycling enthusiasts to cover long distances and engage in a rewarding cardio workout. Whether you’re seeking an invigorating ride or simply want to enjoy the picturesque views, this bike path provides an ideal route for both fitness and leisure.