Top 20 Destinations to Visit in California

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In case you feel the call for adventure and want to see something great outside of the Los Angeles ,I encourage you to go further and go on the trip to see the real and unforgettable wonders of California. In this article, you will find a complete list of top destinations to see in California. So use […]

10-Day Road Trip: A Route
Around Los Angeles and Beyond

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In this section we are going to detail a 10-Day Road Trip, a route around Los Angeles and beyond in which we are going to visit: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park and the San Bernardino forest. You will find all the information to carry out this itinerary through Los Angeles, […]

Inside the Sheats-Goldstein Residence:
Uncovering the Secrets of a Hollywood Icon

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Architectural masterpiece Let’s explore and look inside the Sheats-Goldstein Residence: The Sheats-Goldstein Residence is a modernist architectural masterpiece located in Beverly Crest, Los Angeles. The architect John Lautner’s 1963  house was designed to blend with the natural surroundings, and built into the hillside like a cave. This type of architecture is called American Organic, and it’s […]

50 best things to see and do in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city some call “city of broken dreams,” while others know it as the “city of Hollywood stars.” While it may not capture your heart at first glance, taking the time to explore its many attractions will reveal its unique charm. From walking the famous Walk of Fame, catching a Lakers game, […]

The 10 best museums in Los Angeles

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Explore the vibrant art scene with our guide to the best 10 museums in Los Angeles, featuring modern, contemporary, and classical art, as well as museums specifically designed for children. Here you have them all listed with directions how to get there: Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art (LACMA) The Los Angeles Museum of Modern […]

10 Nature Parks in the Los Angeles Area You Must Visit

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 In a city as cosmopolitan as Los Angeles, diversity adds to its charms where you can camp on an almost deserted island or take a dip at the beach than explore a great museum or an enigmatic cave. Let’s explore those natural gems: Griffith Park 4730 Crystal Springs Los AngelesDirections Griffith Park is not only one […]