Wild West road trip

The Wild West of the United States is vast and it is possible to discover many things during a road trip. However, for the experience to be unforgettable, you have to choose the best destinations. What are the must-see places to visit on a road trip from Wyoming to California?

Plan Your Unforgettable Wild West road trip wit us:

1. Stopover in the vast expanses of Wyoming wilderness

 Yellowstone Park On Wild West Road Trip

Wyoming is a state in the American West that is home to wide open spaces and beautiful wildlife such as antelopes, bison and many more. During a road trip in this region, it is absolutely necessary to visit and discover its many national parks . First there is Yellowstone Park, which is the oldest national park in the United States. It is home to large forests and breathtaking landscapes, hot and steaming springs, geysers in action, fumaroles and boiling mud pools, etc.

The stopover at the Wind River to discover and visit the Rockies, the mountain range and the Wyoming wild horse reserve, is mandatory.

2. Explore Utah’s red rocks and canyons

Utah On Wild West Road Trip

Utah is a state that hides some very nice surprises. It is covered in the south by a desert landscape, in the north by mountains and in the center by green plains. Utah is home to Canyonlands National Park, which is divided into four parts. When crossing this state, very large orange-red rocks can be seen distorting the horizon. From a distance, it looks like a movie set and as you get closer, the view becomes more and more beautiful. Many people stop by the side of the road to take a better look at these these rocks and take pictures. Others take the initiative to visit to discover the Red canyon and sometimes spend the night there.

3. Road trip: travel the desert roads of Nevada

Nevada On Wild West Road Trip

Nevada is an almost abandoned state. It has many reliefs and mountain ranges with dizzying peaks . There is the Great Basin National Park which is not an ordinary park. Very few tourists go there, as it is one of the least known. Yet it is home to the Bristlecone Pines which are among the oldest trees on the planet . There are also underground caves that can be explored. There is a scenic route that passes through the park and allows you to discover its mountains and forests.

Then, a desert road leads to the Valley of Fire, a park of great beauty. On either side are beautifully colored rocks.

Among the roads to be traveled in Nevada, route 50 crosses very beautiful landscapes worthy of the greatest westerns. It is considered the loneliest road in the United States and travels the country from east to west. Driving on this asphalt often gives travelers the feeling of being alone in the world, which accentuates the sensations of road tripping. From route 50, it is possible to admire the Sand Mountain which is only a few kilometers away.

4. California: the end of the road

California Wild West Road Trip

Route 66 is the one that leads to the California border . It was built at the end of the 19th century by the pioneers of the gold rush. The end of the path borders the Pacific Ocean, and the Californian desert looms on either side. However, before getting there, crossing this asphalt is a real excursion, because there are beautiful things to discover. Needles, the hottest city in the United States, is located in the Mojave Desert, surrounded by mountains and rocky peaks.

At the Graffiti Corridor, located between Essex and Amboy, travelers can stop and leave a small souvenir of their passage. For several decades, a tradition has been that people crossing Route 66 hang their shoes or tag their name on a corridor of several kilometers. This experience is part of the folklore of road trips in the American West. To discover the history of Route 66, it is possible to make a stop at the Route 66 Mother Road Museum .

5. Stop at Yosemite and Joshua Tree Wilderness Parks

Yosemite Park On Wild West Road Trip

Yosemite and Joshua Tree are must-visit national parks on a road trip through the American West. Yosemite spans over 3,000 miles and is located in eastern California. It is home to Tunnel view and Bridalveil Fall, a year-round flowing waterfall. It is surrounded by a beautiful green landscape, the waterfall changes color depending on the light and the weather. There’s also El Capitana large rock mass right in the heart of Yosemite . To complete the visit, Mirror Lake and the 500 giant sequoias of the Mariposa grove will delight visitors.

As for the Joshua Tree, it is in southeastern California and has three main entrances. A variety of Yucca can be found throughout the park, which can live for around 200 years. After a few kilometers of walking, Barker Dam Trail offers itself to adventurers. This pretty plain is the territory of the bighorn sheeps, the Canadian mouflons . The Skull Rock, so named for its shape of a human skull, is responsible for completing the wide range of sensations already offered. It is strongly recommended to visit the Joshua Tree at night for its unique and detailed view of the sky when the sky is clear.