What To Do In Beverly Hills

Before visiting Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills started as a small town with ranches and country houses after Spanish colonization. In the early 20th century, a group of businessmen built large mansions which attracted the elite of Los Angeles, making it a luxurious neighborhood. The Beverly Hills Hotel, built in 1927, is an emblem of the area.

After providing you with some information about the area, we will suggest what to do in Beverly Hills to help you plan your outing in the neighborhood where the stars reside.

Apart from the grand mansions, there are other tourist attractions in the region. We have created a list of things to do in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. A map featuring all the locations is available at the bottom of the page, which you can refer to before and during your visit.

Let’s begin!

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What To Do In Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is Beverly Hills’ top shopping spot, with chic stores, bars, and restaurants that give aura of luxury. Although there are some boutiques on adjacent streets, Rodeo Drive mainly features renowned luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada. Moreover, House of Bijan, which is reportedly the priciest store worldwide, is located here. You can purchase a $15,000 leather jacket, which you absolutely need to have, at this store. Next door, Canon Drive boasts outstanding eateries, while the Sunset Strip is a must-visit shopping area in LA, so we’ve included it on our list.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Getty Center

You’ll need at least half a day to fully appreciate the Getty, with its pavilions, gardens, and scenic overlooks. The East, North, and South pavilions are home to permanent collections, while the Exhibitions Gallery and ground floors feature temporary exhibitions. For Greek and Roman art and antiquities, a trip to the Getty Villa is a must, but keep in mind it’s a bit out of the way, so plan accordingly.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Frederick R. Weisman Foundation

The Weisman Foundation is committed to sharing Frederick R. Weisman’s personal collection of contemporary and modern art with the public. With over 400 pieces showcased, you can admire works from renowned artists like Picasso, Kandinsky, and Warhol (among others). You can also schedule a guided tour to explore the foundation’s estate, annex, and surrounding gardens. For art enthusiasts visiting Beverly Hills, this museum comes highly recommended.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Pierce Bros Westwood Memorial Park

The Westwood Memorial Cemetery, a celebrity-packed burial ground housing the remains of Truman Capote, Dean Martin, and Marilyn Monroe, located at 1218 Glendon Avenue, can be difficult to find, as it’s hidden behind a commercial building. Keep an eye out for the badge adorned with lipstick marks, which is situated near the entrance.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Hammer Museum

For an excellent museum experience, we recommend taking a break from the bustling streets of Westwood and checking out the Hammer Museum. Here, you can appreciate the art collections of Armand Hammer, which feature prominent 20th-century French masters such as Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, and Manet. You’ll also come across works by Vincent Van Gogh, as well as a collection of Honoré Daumier’s caricatures depicting French society.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Melrose Avenue

It is a famous shopping street always full of people and a lot of shops, malls, and products of all kinds. Here you will find everything, from jewelry to gothic clothing, personalized sneakers, taxidermists, and much more. A fantastic place if you are a shopping enthusiast. The best of the shops are Decades and Frank Segal.

What To Do In Beverly Hills

For Pop Art enthusiasts and fans of Andy Warhol, a visit to the Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills is a must. The gallery houses an extensive collection of Warhol’s works, boasting over 150 original prints and paintings, making it the largest Warhol collection worldwide. The gallery’s aesthetic is also noteworthy, featuring a stunning floral ceiling mural and minimalist decor. Additionally, if you’re looking to invest, you’ll be pleased to know that there are over 200 works available for purchase.


What To Do In Beverly Hills

Warner Brothers is one of the largest movie studios in the world. Film enthusiasts should pay attention because with prior reservation you can take guided tours of each of its studios. Ticket prices start from 69 dollars.

You can book the tour at the following link: Warner Brothers Tour.

The production company has created mythical television and movie scenes that the route will take you through. You’ll have the chance to walk through the streets of New York in the middle of Los Angeles or step into one of the iconic houses from the Friends television series. It’s a fantastic experience to be able to teleport from one stage to another without moving more than ten feet or utilizing the “chroma key” to snap a photo while riding on Harry Potter’s broom.

Despite the somewhat big price, it’s highly recommended to visit Warner Brothers and take the comprehensive 3-hour tour that both young and old are sure to enjoy.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Spadena House on Walden Drive

When strolling down Walden Drive, you may experience a sense of “deja vu”, as its charm and allure have made it a popular setting for countless films and TV shows. One particular landmark that can be found on this street is the Spadena House (pictured), also known as the witches’ house, which has made appearances in several movies.

While it may not be a significant destination, for those with ample time, Walden Drive is a delightful street to take a leisurely stroll down.

Visit the mansions of Beverly Hills


What To Do In Beverly Hills

Mulholland Drive is a famous highway that connects Hollywood Hills with Santa Monica. It’s well-known for being home to many expensive mansions of Hollywood celebrities, which are hidden behind gates and trees. While driving through the 33km stretch of Mulholland Drive, you can catch glimpses of these mansions and enjoy scenic views of the Los Angeles Basin, San Fernando Valley, and Hollywood Sign. Many tour companies offer visits to these celebrity homes, and it’s a must-visit location during a trip to Beverly Hills.


What To Do In Beverly Hills

Touring the homes of celebrities has become a highly sought-after activity for tourists in Beverly Hills

Any of the above mentioned options will allow you to visit many of the famous houses that currently live in the neighborhood and other historic mansions where famous people such as Rita Hayworth, Walt Disney or Elvis Presley lived.


What To Do In Beverly Hills

This English Victorian-style house was the home of a Los Angeles oil magnate . Currently, the mansion is used as a civic center, but also for filming numerous movies.

Find more information here.


What To Do In Beverly Hills Mansion Robinson Gardens

This large mansion belonged to the Robinson family since 1911, after his death, the house was given to the city of Los Angeles  . For this reason, Robinson Gardens can be visited and is the ideal place for all those who want to see a luxurious mansion with exceptional gardens .

You can make you reservation to take historical tour of the Gardens here.