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Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has so many diverse attractions and activities, yet we often tend to focus solely on the most famous destinations like Disneyland, Hollywood, and Griffith Park. However it is easy to forget that there are countless unusual things to do and see in Los Angeles, and we may even miss out on opportunities to discover hidden gems such as natural pools that are accessible only by foot or on horseback located in the vicinity of the city.

If you want to truly explore LA , beyond its traditional glamour, we invite you to discover these interesting attractions, some secret, others simply overshadowed by those that have had more media coverage, but all with the promise of writing unforgettable moments in your memory.

7 Unusual Things To Do And See In Los Angeles:

1. Hidden hot springs

 Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

There are numerous studies that support the powerful therapeutic benefits of water for physical and mental well-being. Now, picture having exclusive access to this therapy, practically for free! This is precisely what you can experience at the hot springs located in the Los Padres National Forest, making it one of the most intriguing and unconventional activities to explore in Los Angeles.

This forest is an excellent location to spend a relaxing day, complete with picnic areas and ample parking. The most frequently visited thermal point is the Little Caliente Hot Springs, due to its proximity to the parking area. Many visitors choose to camp in the region overnight and embark on vigorous excursions the next day to the more remote and exclusive hot springs. For a thrilling experience, consider visiting the park during the weekdays and come prepared for a good hike to the most secluded hot springs, such as the Sespe Hot Springs, which are only accessible on foot or horseback after covering a distance of 10 miles. What an adventure it would be!

2. Learn to eat fire…without burning yourself

Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles
Vixen DeVille

If you like fire shows you may want to learn how to shoot flames from your mouth, a prominent artist named Vixen DeVille takes you to her private studio where she gives you the proper instructions to do this adventure safely. And “By the end of the session, you’ll be eating fire and burning your body like a pro.”

The experience received very good comments among those who tried it. Just keep in mind experts advice : that you eat well before trying to “eat fire”, because “eating fire on an empty stomach can cause a strange chemical headache”. And avoid carbonated drinks.

3. Listen to a concert inside a historical telescope

Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

In this 100-inch telescope, astronomer Edwin Hubble made important discoveries and now, it is not only a 20th-century temple of science, it is also a dome whose acoustics rival those of the great cathedrals of Europe, making it the setting for perfect for unforgettable concerts .

Rising majestically above Pasadena is Mount Wilson , part of the incredible San Gabriel Mountains . At its 5,710-foot summit it has the observatory responsible for the most detailed photos of Mars , although that’s not what attracts attention but its collection of antennas: they belong to local Los Angeles radio and television stations. Getting there on foot is a walk that awaken all your senses: you breathe fresh air, listen to the concert in a wild environment and admire the view with wonderful panoramic views. But, what closes this activity , is witnessing a incomparable concert inside the telescope.

4. Discover the hidden stairs

Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are a variety of tours that explore parks and historical sites, but if you want to make your tour more vibrant, you can opt for a tour of the city’s most colorful staircases. This not only adds visual interest, but also provides a great cardiovascular workout.

On this site you can find includes at least 5 of these painted concrete steps, such as those found in Silver Lake, a trendy neighborhood located on the east side of Los Angeles known for its celebrity residents, top-rated restaurants, and impressive street art displays. Other stops on the tour include Micheltorena, which has been referred to as “the most Instagram-worthy staircase in the world.”

5. Drink coffee among kittens

Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

Following the trend in Japan, cat cafes have become a popular attraction in Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles CatCafe Lounge (located at 1736 S. Sepúlveda Blvd.) is no exception. By making a reservation in advance, visitors can enjoy playing and petting cats while sipping on their favorite beverage.

Included on our list of unique destinations to visit in Los Angeles, the cafe is equipped with ladders and toys for the cats to play with, as well as chairs for visitors to sit and interact with the felines. And if you fall in love with one of the cats, you’re in luck – unlike their Japanese counterparts, the Los Angeles CatCafe Lounge allows for adoptions.

6.Discover forgotten tunnel

Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

One of the most exciting nature refuges near the city of Los Angeles is the Angels National Forest or Angeles National Forest (12371 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd, San Fernando). It is the first National Forest established in the United States and covers a thousand square miles with many mysteries, such as the tunnels that were used to extract the gold from these lands.

One of the few tunnels still in existence is the Mueller Tunnel , which was built in 1842 and is over 800 feet long . Although it originally allowed the passage of vehicles, it is now closed, but it is highly visited by hikers since it can only be reached on foot (it is at an elevation of 5,177 feet), near Mount San Gabriel Peak and Mount Disappointment.

7. Travel to Japan within Los Angeles

Unusual Things To Do In Los Angeles

Within the 500 square miles of Los Angeles, which encompass over 100 cities and neighborhoods, it is possible to transport oneself to distant corners of the world. This is due to the fact that various communities have established representative neighborhoods of their respective countries. One such example is “Little Tokyo” (located at 319 E 2nd St.), where the Japanese legacy, present in the city since 1880, is embodied and celebrated.

Little Tokyo’s five blocks are home to museums, restaurants, and bars that beautifully reflect the Japanese culture. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, head to the Japanese Village Plaza (located at 335).