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Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

In just a few years, a part of North Sycamore, a street near La Brea Avenue and close to a well-known local store called the 99 Cents Only store, has turned into a vibrant place for culture. People from the food, art, and fashion industries, including famous people and enthusiastic newcomers, are flocking to this area. It’s becoming like the Hollywood Boulevard or Sunset Boulevard from the past, known for shopping, famous people, and excitement.

Today, it’s quite common to see many fashionable people in Los Angeles enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry, visiting art galleries, or shopping for trendy clothes in this area of about six blocks. This area includes homes and stretches from Santa Monica Boulevard to Melrose Avenue, and from La Brea Avenue to Orange Drive. Sycamore Avenue is at the heart of it all, and it’s attracting the trendiest individuals in L.A.

I recently spent some time exploring this hip and revitalized neighborhood to give you an idea of what it’s like. A lot is happening there, so here’s a beginner’s guide to this lively new commercial district known as the Sycamore District.

Discover 10 Trendy Spots On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles:

1. Just One Eye | Fashion store

 Just One Eye  Fashion store On Sycamore Avenue

Just One Eye has always been a popular destination for fashion lovers and art enthusiasts, known only to those who are in the know. Originally situated in the Howard Hughes building on 7000 Romaine St., Just One Eye founder Paola Russo decided to relocate the store to a quiet area of Sycamore in late 2019. Russo was drawn to the area not because she saw it as a future hotspot, but because she wanted to start something new and believed in the potential of the neighborhood.

Now, the store offers a wide range of luxury brands such as Prada, the Row, and Dries Van Noten, along with fine jewelry, books, art, and home decor. It has become a magnet for diverse customers. The store itself is impressive, with a spacious and well-lit interior, two-story galleries, and notable artworks like Damien Hirst’s large-scale cherry blossom painting and John Chamberlain’s iconic crushed-metal sculpture.

Address: 915 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles , California 90028

2. Tartine Bakery | Cafe

Tartine Bakery Cafe On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

When Tartine, a famous bakery and cafe from San Francisco, opened in Southern California, it chose several great locations across the city. The Sycamore location stands out because of its mix of industrial and historical design, which reminds people of the cozy charm of their northern spots. The wide sidewalks on Sycamore Avenue are similar to relaxed European streets and are perfect for outdoor seating. It’s a popular spot for nearby studio workers to have a productive lunch.

Kendal Barrett, the brand and marketing manager for Tartine, wants the cafe to be a place where the community can gather and feel connected. The egg sandwich and crispy potatoes are must-tries, and if you want a morning bun, make sure to arrive early before they run out. But most importantly, enjoy the diverse and vibrant community. The neighborhood is filled with artists, creatives, and young families who walk around every day.

Address: 911 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, California 90028

3. Sightglass Coffee | Cafe

 Sightglass Coffee Cafe On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

Sightglass is a stylish and important part of the commercial district, located at the corner of Sycamore and Willoughby avenues. Its terracotta red floors, brick exterior, and industrial bowstring truss ceiling give it a unique look. Sightglass became the first tenant in the revived area back in 2016. According to Jerad Morrison, one of the founders of this coffee and market concept from San Francisco, one of the most exciting things about this location is the diverse variety it offers throughout the dense residential neighborhood.

Sightglass represents the aspirations of the area as a multifunctional community hub. You can go there for coffee, food, work, or socializing. They also have a market concept where you can find organic, locally sourced produce, as well as ceramics, greeting cards, food items, and flowers.

Address: 7051 W. Willoughby Ave., Los Angeles, California 90038

4. Gigi’s | Restaurant & Lounge

Gigi's  Restaurant and Lounge On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

When Samantha Ressler was looking for the perfect location to open her bistro called Gigi’s, which combines California and French influences, she wanted a hidden gem somewhere between Hollywood and Los Feliz, away from the busy Hollywood Boulevard. That’s when she discovered Sycamore Avenue and became one of the first business owners there. Today, Gigi’s is a prominent establishment in the Sycamore neighborhood. With its delicious menu (make sure to ask the waiter about the off-menu burger, it’s amazing), captivating interior design (the whimsical mural is perfect for Instagram), and an atmosphere that oozes charm, it’s no surprise that it has become a popular spot for the creative crowd in Los Angeles. The unique blend of midcentury glamour from New York’s dining scene, mixed with the relaxed elegance of post-pandemic L.A., has led the culinary website The Infatuation to describe Gigi’s as “truly euphoric.”

Address: 904 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, California 90038

5. Bode | Fashion store

Bode Fashion Store On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

Emily Bode, a designer based in New York, opened her second retail shop Bode on Melrose and Sycamore avenues last year. The new store is much bigger, covering 3,200 square feet, compared to her first store in downtown Manhattan. Trevor Cheney, the owner of the furniture gallery Seventh House next door, recommended the location to her. Emily wanted to find a space that felt natural and fit in well with the surroundings. After searching for two years, they knew they wanted to be in Hollywood, close to their friends.

The store is inspired by the concept of a natural history museum and midcentury civic institutions. Inside, you’ll find dioramas displaying wildlife, vintage signs, and dark wooden cabinets where Emily’s unique and upcycled clothing is neatly displayed. The store was designed by Emily’s husband, Aaron Aujla, and it has a captivating and theatrical ambiance. Antique furniture and quirky decorative items fill the space. The store is a bit further away from the main shopping area, closer to the upscale furniture and home decor shops along Melrose. However, this location adds a sense of importance and history to Emily’s clothing.

Address: 7007 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, California 90038

6. Mr. T | Restaurant & Lounge

Mr. T Restaurant and Lounge On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

Mr. T, led by chef Alisa Vannah, who previously worked at République, offers an innovative twist on street foods from around the world, prepared with the precision and elegance of fine dining in Paris. The menu includes surprising dishes like cauliflower tiki masala, tequila-infused bucatini, truffle and wild mushroom mac ‘n’ cheese, and Scottish salmon with kombucha curry. The restaurant itself has a sleek and enticing design, with concrete interiors, burgundy banquettes, and a touch of seductive red neon lighting. Its owner Guillaume Guedj believes that each establishment in the Sycamore neighborhood brings something unique, and they all support each other by being located on the same street. Mr. T provides a space where people can come together, enjoy a fantastic meal, have a glass of wine, and discover unexpected flavors with friends.

Address: 953 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, California 90038

7. Supervinyl | Record store

 Supervinyl Record Store On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

At Supervinyl, a stylish and attractive store, they specialize in selling a mix of vintage and modern vinyl records. The entire shop is designed with audiophiles in mind, featuring sleek black shelves and matching tables. It’s a haven for music enthusiasts. They not only offer the latest and greatest albums, but also sell turntables, speakers, headphones, merchandise, and other accessories that would make any music lover’s heart sing.

Supervinyl is not just a store, it’s also a venue for special events and signings. It’s a place where music fans can come together, immerse themselves in the world of vinyl, and experience unique and memorable moments.

Address: 900 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, California 90038

8. Mizlala | Cafe

Mizlala Cafe On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

Sycamore is home to one of the three popular fast-casual restaurants called Mizlala. It is owned by Danny Elmaleh and focuses on Middle Eastern cuisine with a Southern California twist. The food at Mizlala is both healthy and filling, bursting with delicious flavors. The menu offers a variety of options, including grilled meats, flavorful salads, creamy hummus, soft pita bread, indulgent tahini shakes, and crispy falafel. Each dish is beautifully simple and tasty.

The restaurant itself is spacious and well-lit, with both indoor and outdoor seating options. It even has a juice bar for refreshing beverages. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch with friends or a quick bite on your own, Mizlala is a great choice. Its relaxed atmosphere and flavorful dishes make it a popular spot for enjoying a satisfying meal.

Address: 7007 W. Romaine St., Suite 103, Los Angeles, California 90038

9. Heimat | Health & Fitness Club

Heimat Health and  Fitness Club On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

Just a short distance from Sycamore Avenue, you’ll find Heimat, a spacious and exclusive fitness club that operates on a membership basis. Think of it as a combination of Soho House and Equinox. Spanning an impressive 75,000 square feet across five floors, this “private community” offers a wide range of amenities. You’ll find a luxurious spa, a juice bar, a co-working area, a rooftop pool, and a health-focused restaurant called Mother Tongue. GQ magazine even dubbed it the “world’s most extravagant gym,” and it’s not hard to see why.

The design of Heimat was a collaboration between Germany-based studio INCO and Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. What’s truly surprising is how different it looks from a typical gym. The bamboo herringbone floors, painted murals, and abundant plants in the cardio room give it the ambiance of a five-star resort. The shared workspace exudes an eclectic Moroccan vibe, while the changing rooms are undeniably glamorous, and adorned with marble finishes. It’s a fitness haven that combines opulence with functionality, providing a unique and lavish experience for its members.

Address: 960 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, California 90028

 Jeffrey Deitch Art gallery On Sycamore Avenue Los Angeles

Following a tumultuous period as the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, renowned gallerist Jeffrey Deitch didn’t shy away from Los Angeles. Instead, he embraced the city and opened a West Coast branch of his eponymous galleries on North Orange Drive in 2018.

The gallery space is open and filled with natural light, spanning an impressive 15,000 square feet. It has already hosted notable exhibitions that aim to showcase underrepresented artistic voices. For example, the 2021 group show “Shattered Glass” focused exclusively on artists of color, while the 2022 exhibition “Wonder Women,” curated by Kathy Huang, highlighted the artwork of Asian women artists. Deitch explained his choice of location by emphasizing the significance of Hollywood’s influence on global pop culture. He also emphasized the heritage of California art, particularly the “Light and Space” movement of the 1960s, and sought to create a beautiful environment with ample space and natural light to showcase art in Los Angeles, which benefits from abundant sunlight.

Address: 925 N. Orange Drive, Los Angeles, California 90038