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A showbiz mecca filled with glitz and glamour, Los Angeles has continually been at the center of the entertainment industry throughout America’s history.

As the starting point for the country’s trend-setting music culture, the city is home to a variety of recording studios and clubs that attract artists at every stage of their career, from those waiting for their moment of fame to household names. they have thousands of fans.

For a musical journey through the city, here are some of the most legendary performance venues, as well as the best bars in Los Angeles: from offbeat clubs to mega-arenas.

The Crypto Arena

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Located in the center of the bustling and recently rejuvenated downtown, the Crypto Arena ( previously The Staples Center) is one of the best known places in the City of Los Angeles and is surrounded by a variety of quality restaurants and bars.

While the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers call the arena home, the real draw here is its incredible array of music events. The venue hosts various award shows ranging from the MTV Video Music Awards to the Grammys.

A look at the arena schedule will reveal the biggest names in music industry as Madonna ,Depeche Mode or Anita Baker.

The Echo

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There isn’t a hipper music club in Los Angeles, or perhaps in all of America, than The Echo . Located in Echo Park (a neighborhood known for its abundance of bars and a parade of thrift stores to suit all tastes), The Echo puts on live entertainment every night of the week, from local favorites to artists doing a stop during a national tour.

Largo at the Coronet

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An LA staple, nestled between chic Beverly Hills and the energetic party mecca of West Hollywood, Largo at the Coronet has been a go-to for fans of music and humor for the past two decades.

In addition to being home to a variety of the industry’s best comedic talents, the club is also home to singer-songwriters at the peak of their careers.

The Viper Room

The Viper Room

One of Los Angeles’ most legendary and infamous clubs, The Viper Room has been an underground rock oasis and celebrity magnet since it opened in 1993.

Formerly owned by superstar Johnny Depp, the venue (located on the world-famous Sunset Strip) attracts both popular and up-and-coming rock acts, as well as boasting an extensive whiskey bar.

Sadly, the club has also been home to several tragic moments in show history, including where famed actor River Phoenix overdosed during the venue’s annual celebration event.

The Kia Forum

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Another of Los Angeles’ arena venues, the fabulous Kia Forum has had a tumultuous history since its opening in 1967. In its early years, acts ranging from The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin appeared regularly. on location, but as the decades progressed, the arena and its Inglewood neighborhood fell into disrepair. His fate soon changed when the company behind Madison Square Garden purchased the space, recently restoring it to its former glory.

Recent legends to grace the Kia Forum stage include the biggest names from Bryan Adams (he will be performing on July 29th this year) to Lionel Richie( on September 15th). Pop stars regularly make the Kia Forum a stop on their world tours. 

The Troubadour

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No venue in Los Angeles music history has been more consequential than that of the Troubadour .

Open since 1957, and located in the middle of the action in the city’s West Hollywood neighborhood, the venue was the epicenter of the Los Angeles singer-songwriter explosion of the late ’60s and early ’70s and featured performances debut as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.

Now, half a century later, the Troubador stage is still making history, whether it’s hosting today’s top talent like KT Tunstall and Dumb Fucks.

Perhaps that’s why Rolling Stone once called it one of the hottest venues in all of America, while Billboard went so far as to call it one of the hottest clubs in North America.

Even more Legendary Places?

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Other top bars in Los Angeles include, Silverlake’s The Satellite, a low-cost club that regularly features a range of growing, genre-spanning talent; The Regent, a spacious and modern place in the center of the city in excavations of a hundred years; the massive Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Boulevard, which can hold up to 4,000 fans; and last but not least, the beautiful Hollywood Bowl, an outdoor amphitheater perfect for those starry Los Angeles nights.

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