Restaurants Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, on the west coast of California, is a famous surf spot. During summer, it becomes a hub for huge surfing competitions, taking full advantage of the massive waves. The town is bustling with vibrant locals and tourists alike, and it’s a beautiful place with a variety of fantastic restaurants. We’ve handpicked the top 10 for you to enjoy!

Best Restaurants Huntington Beach:

1. 25 degrees

25 degrees Restaurant Huntington Beach

Situated along the Huntington Beach Pier, 25 Degrees is an all-American burger joint with a twist. The restaurant makes unique and incredible burgers and is named for the precise temperature difference of a well-done, raw burger. Aside from its dishes, 25 Degrees ensures that its guests enjoy their food in a warm and lively atmosphere. For entertainment, the diner plays modern music while customers eat and chat. Meanwhile, the waiters and waitresses maneuver nimbly and smoothly around the room to make sure each customer is comfortable and satisfied.

Address: 25 grados, 412 Walnut Avenue, Huntington Beach, California,

2. The Black Trumpet Bistro

The Black Trumpet Bistro Restaurants Huntington Beach

A popular and relaxing nightspot in Huntington Beach, The Black Trumpet Bistro features a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine in the form of tapas with hints of Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and Moroccan influences. It also showcases a wide selection of traditional dishes like Moroccan chicken tagine and handmade Italian pastas. The atmosphere is charming, dimly and romantically lit with a dozen stools lined up along a high counter and tables crammed together. Although the restaurant does not take reservations, it is generally full, especially on weekends.

Address: The Black Trumpet Bistro, 18344 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, California,

3. Graceland Speakeasy

Graceland Speakeasy Restaurants Huntington Beach

Tucked away in the Old World village of Huntington Beach, Graceland Speakeasy is an extraordinary gem that is hard to find but well worth the visit. Once inside, guests are greeted by friendly staff and a low-key, comfortable environment. The interior decoration has a Bavarian village theme, with decorations representing the Alps. The room is dimly lit and pleasant with board games available at the large bar. Although the outdoor patio doesn’t have a great view, it does give customers the option to dine in the fresh air outside.

Address: Graceland Speakeasy, 7561 Center Avenue # 37, Huntington Beach, California,

4. Slapfish

Slapfish Restaurants Huntington Beach

Specializing in American seafood, Slapfish is a unique restaurant in Huntington Beach that strongly supports the concept of sustainability. It is committed to serving only healthy, organic, and well-managed types of seafood, collaborating with various organizations and using a program called FishWatch, which is administered by NOAA Fisheries. The restaurant not only puts a lot of effort into serving sustainable seafood, but also offers high-quality and flavorful dishes that cannot be tasted anywhere else.

Address: Slapfish, 19696 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, California,

5. The Sugar Shack Cafe

The Sugar Shack Cafe Restaurants Huntington Beach

Really cool place one block from the beach. The Sugar Shack Café is owned by the Williams family and has been in operation since 1967. The indoor dining room includes an outdoor dining space, a front dining area, and a rear dining space. Waffle and crepe are especially worth trying!

Address: Sugar Shack Café, 213 1/2 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California,

6. Thai Gulf Restaurant

Thai Gulf Restaurants Huntington Beach

As its name suggests, Thai Gulf Restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine. Although it is hidden inside a mall full of shops and other restaurants, it is a popular place especially during the afternoon. Not only are the dishes spectacular, but the prices are surprisingly cheap and the portions are large. As a result of the reasonable prices, excellent service, and quality of food, many customers say that eating at Thai Gulf is a must.

Address: Thai Gulf Restaurant, 19072 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, California,

7. North Shore Poke Company

North Shore Poke Restaurants Huntington Beach

North Shore Poke Company, a family-owned business, features bowls filled with delicious poke , a salad consisting of cubes of raw shellfish and often served as an appetizer in Hawaiian kitchen. Chef Shawn Gole is one of the first chefs in the Americas to introduce the continent to this exciting mix of raw ingredients. He not only maintains the authenticity of the traditional poke dish, but also uses poke as an ingredient for his own creations, such as poke tacos and sashimi sandwiches.

Address: North Shore Poke Co., 214 5th Street, Huntington Beach, CA,

8. Matsu

Matsu Japanese Restaurants Huntington Beach

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Huntington Beach, Matsu features a huge menu, whatever each customer requests, Matsu’s talented chefs create each dish perfectly as if it were prepared in Japan. Professional sushi chefs and sushi chefs tirelessly prepare dishes, while casually conversing with customers, a multitasking skill that requires a great deal of concentration and practice. As a result, guests relax in comfort with friends as they watch in amazement as the chefs majestically prepare food right before their eyes.

Address: Restaurant japanese Matsu, 18035 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, California,

9. Red Table

Red Table Restaurants Huntington Beach

Red Table is an American restaurant that revolves around the color red. 

It’s a fantastic place with fabulous food. The service is terrific, and the chic atmosphere adds to the experience. Make sure to try their delicious short ribs and fish tacos – they won’t disappoint. And don’t miss out on their appetizers, especially the mouthwatering bacon-wrapped dates!

Address: Red Table, 16821 Algonquin Street, Huntington Beach, California,

10. Zero Zero 39 Pizzeria

Zero Zero 39 Pizzeria Restaurants Huntington Beach

Zero Zero Pizzeria is the place to be for the best pizza and Southern Italian cuisine. Their menu is carefully crafted in-house, guaranteeing the freshest and finest ingredients for an unforgettable taste experience. Make sure to order their meatballs when you get a chance!

Address: 221 Main St. ,Huntington Beach, CA 92648,