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Celebrity Mansions in California

What are the most expensive homes that celebrities own, and why are they so pricey? These extravagant properties often come with lavish amenities and exclusive quirks that are only affordable to the wealthy few.

Check out the priciest celebrity mansions, which are far beyond the means of regular people. These lavish homes boast unique features and are truly luxurious.

Discover Top Expensive Celebrity Mansions in California:

1. Hugh Hefner : 100 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

The Playboy Mansion is a vast estate featuring 20 rooms and covering an area of 14,000 square feet. About a year before his death, Hugh Hefner listed his notorious Playboy Mansion for sale at a staggering price of $200 million. However, he eventually sold it for half the price, $100 million, to billionaire Daren Metropoulos. Hefner retained the right to reside in the property until his passing in 2017.

2. Oprah Winfrey: 100 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

The most famous television journalist bought this land in Montecito (California) baptized as The Promise Land (Promised Land) in 2001 for 50 million, half of its current value.

3. George Lucas: 100 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

The “Star Wars” director’s ranch in California was named Skywalker Ranch and, in fact, construction began in 1978, a year after the premiere of the famous saga. Actually George Lucas does not live there, but uses it as a place to meet and work with other filmmakers. On its grounds is Ewok Lake.

4. Kim Kardashian house (former owner was Cindy Crawford): 70,4 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

Kim Kardashian bought a $70.4 million oceanside estate in Malibu, formerly owned by Cindy Crawford. It’s the most expensive home sold in Malibu this year and the fourth priciest in California. The location allows her to be close to other celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Courtney Cox, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cher. It’s an hour’s drive to Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

5. Jay-Z and Beyoncé: 88 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

An artistic couple powerful enough to close the Louvre museum for a video clip, they obviously have one of the most expensive homes among their fellow professionals. And not only that, it has the 5th position in price of all houses sold in the city of Los Angeles.

6. Mark Wahlberg ( now sold): 87.5 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

In the Beverly Park neighborhood, surrounded by other Hollywood residents, actor Mark Wahlberg sold his European-style mansion that has its own basketball court for sports and a mini golf course.

7. The Weeknd: 70 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

The Canadian singer bought this mansion in Bel Air , after selling his previous home to Madonna.

Look inside his house:

8. Adele: 58 million

Celebrity Mansions in California

The author of the mega-hit Hello , bought this Beverly Hills house from actor Silvester Stallone, among the decorations there was still the sculpture of Rocky Balboa in the pool, and an office full of memorabilia from the movie about the boxer.

9. Ellen DeGeneres’ $45 million house

Celebrity Mansions in California

Ellen DeGeneres’ 13-acre estate is a Tuscan-inspired oasis in California, featuring 9 fireplaces, 2 pools, a tennis court, and more. The villa, originally designed by architect Wallace Frost in the 1930s, is in the company of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Oprah.

Take a look into her house!