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Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

Food trucks cater to people of all income levels, serving them hot meals at various locations such as film sets, college campuses, office parks, and busy intersections. For those who enjoy the thrill of discovering new food spots, we’ve put together a list of the best food trucks in the city.

Discover 9 Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles :

1. The Lobos Truck

The Lobos Truck Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The Lobos Truck is a must-try for Mexican-inspired cuisine in Los Angeles. Their menu features tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and bowls, all made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Popular dishes include the adobo-braised short rib tacos, spicy shrimp tacos, and vegan cauliflower tacos.

Location:  Parking Lot, 1542 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles

2. Mariscos Jalisco

Mariscos Jalisco Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

Before food trucks had their own festivals inside football stadiums, Mariscos Jalisco had already been serving East LA for a long time. Their approach is straightforward: fast service, reasonable prices, and some of the freshest seafood you can find in Los Angeles. The majority of those queueing up are eager to try their taco de camaron, which features a flawlessly deep-fried shell filled with enormous shrimp and garnished with homemade red salsa and avocado. It’s difficult to think of a taco that is consistently more superb in the entire city.

Location: 3040 E Olympic Blvd (at Dacotah St), Los Angeles, CA

3. Leo’s Taco Truck

Leo's Taco Truck

Leo’s Taco Truck is a group of seven cash-only taco trucks located across Los Angeles, known for serving some of the best al pastor tacos in the city. The al pastor is a large piece of marinated meat that slowly turns on a spit, topped with a juicy slice of shaved pineapple. Leo’s is busiest on weekend nights, but the staff at each location efficiently serves each customer’s tacos, calling out numbers in both Spanish and English. Whether enjoyed outdoors or taken home, the thinly sliced al pastor with a slice of pineapple is a delightful sight and a delicious treat.


4. La Isla Bonita

La Isla Bonita Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

Located on 4th and Rose, La Isla Bonita food truck is more affordable than its neighbor, American Beauty, and its tangy ceviche and mixed seafood tostadas are just as delicious as those from the top Mexican seafood trucks across the city. While they do offer al pastor, carne asada, and chicken tacos or burritos for those seeking meatier options, let’s face it, you’re at a Mexican seafood truck after all.

Location: 400 Rose Ave (at 4th), Venice, CA

5. Yeastie Boys

Yeastie Boys Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

L.A.’s first bagel truck still draws crowds with their hand-rolled bagels served with schmear. Yeastie Boys offers plain, poppy, sesame, everything, and cheddar flavors with a fluffy center and thin crust. For a late-night snack, try the Game Over with scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, and jalapeño schmear, or the Lox Deluxe with smoked salmon, scallion spread, tomato, red onion, and capers. Follow their four truck locations on Instagram for daily specials.

6. Asadero Chikali

Asadero Chikali

In East L.A., there’s a taco truck called Asadero Chikali that’s known for its Mexicali-style guisados, which are delicious, saucy stews and braises. They’re open from 8 am to 1 pm, offering breakfast-style tacos. These are made with handmade flour tortillas filled with tasty options like steak and potatoes, chicharrónes in red salsa, and spicy chorizo with scrambled eggs. In the afternoon, the same thin tortillas are used for classic carne asada and chorizo tacos. If you miss the guisados, try their vampiros, especially the grilled asada. It’s served on a crispy corn tortilla with lots of melted cheese and is a must-try.

Location: 1321 S Atlantic Blvd, Los Angeles 90022

7. Kogi BBq Taquiera

Kogi BBq Taquiera Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

Since 2008, Roy Choi’s Kogi trucks have been a staple on the streets, offering a unique blend of Korean and Mexican flavors. Their famous short rib taco is a crowd favorite, featuring double-caramelized Korean BBQ, salsa roja, a chile-soy slaw, cilantro, and onions, all served on two perfectly grilled tortillas. Not to be missed is the now-classic kimchi quesadilla, but for those wanting something different, the blackjack quesadilla with spicy pork, caramelized onions, and salsa verde is a great choice. For vegetarians or those looking for a meat-free option, tofu can be substituted as a filling in any dish.

Location: Los Angeles, 3434 Overland Ave., 90034

8. Simón

Simón Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The wait might be long, but it’s worth it for Simón‘s innovative mariscos, including a standout fish al pastor. Their menu is seasonal and includes a variety of tacos, tostadas, ceviches, and aguachiles that are a perfect blend of acidity, flavor, and spice. If it’s available, try the soft-shell crab taco, which is a must-try. Other great choices include the fish al pastor and the enchilada suiza, a delicious combination of grilled shrimp, melted cheese, habanero lime crema, avocado, and salsa verde. What really sets Simón apart is its range of colorful and super spicy salsas, adding an extra kick to every dish!

Location: 3667 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles 90026

9. Los Dorados LA

Los Dorados LA Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The Los Dorados food truck, known for its vibrant colors, serves some of the crunchiest and most satisfying flautas in town. These flautas are fried to perfection and come with a variety of refreshing salsas, creating a delightful hot and cold sensation with each bite. They use large corn tortillas to wrap around different fillings like chorizo, chicken, potato, and the crowd favorite, lamb barbacoa. Each order usually includes two of each variety, generously topped with cotija cheese. You can find them at Smorgasburg on Sundays, and for other days, check their Instagram for location updates and operating hours.

Location: 5373 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles 90032