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Cheap Shopping Places In Los Angeles

The Santee Alley area, more popularly known as “The Alleys” of Los Angeles, is one of the best cheap shopping places in Los Angeles. In this article you will find all the information you need to visit The Alleys and take advantage of a place full of bargains on fashion items, clothing and accessories.


The mythical, adored and venerated Alleys of Los Angeles . If you like shopping , when you enter here you will never want to leave. They could be defined as the paradise of cheap clothes .

This place known almost internationally , not only offers clothes , but also shoes and accessories of all kinds at a chillingly cheap price . Most visitors end up heading to the Santee Alley area to find used goods . The Santee Alley area is located in the middle of the famous Los Angeles Fashion District , where many of the Los Angeles clothing factories are located .

It must be said that the alleys are not particularly pretty (they do not have any special charm and are sometimes a bit dirty). Even so, it is worth seeing and being part of the spectacle of travelers and locals looking for the best clothing deals in Los Angeles . In addition, they have ensured that this area does not become a stressful rush of people. The city has designed this area exclusively for pedestrians so that it becomes a pleasant and quiet place to walk and shop. Activity always makes you hungry, and what better way to do that than having a fast food restaurant on every corner and ethnic food of all kinds?

Santee Alley Best Cheap Shopping Places In Los Angeles

If you like shopping , the ideal is to spend a whole day shopping in The Alleys , since it is a large place with the possibility of finding incredible offers and clothes at half the price compared to other places.

In The Alleys there are clothes of all kinds and for everyone: clothing and accessories from major brands, the latest trend clothes, weddings, parties , etc. Whatever you are looking for, here you can find it.


Don’t settle for the initial offer from the street vendor, instead try to negotiate for a better price. For instance, if a street vendor is asking for $30 for their product, you could suggest a lower price such as $15 and see if they are willing to negotiate.

If the vendor refuses to lower their price, it is best to move on and explore other options. There are high chances of finding the same product at a lower or similar price elsewhere in the Santee Alley. Don’t let one unsuccessful negotiation discourage you from trying again with a different vendor.

A vendor who is keen to make a sale will be willing to engage in a conversation with you and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. So, it’s always worth trying to negotiate a better deal.


Best Cheap Shopping Places In Los Angeles

In general The Alleys in Los Angeles does not have clothing stores from major fashion designers , since stores of this type are only and exclusively wholesale . However, for some time now, some of these stores have started the initiative of selling their retail clothing on the last Friday of each month . Therefore, if you are looking for clothes from great designers, you will have to show up at the Alleys on the last Friday of the current month. This day is a date of opportunities in The Alleys.


Best Cheap Shopping Places In Los Angeles

The Alleys of Los Angeles (Santee, Mapel Avenue and Olimpic Boulevard) are located in  Los Angeles Fashion District. 

If you want to get to The Alleys with public transportation, the DASH routes that pass through the surroundings of Santee Alley are Route E, Route D and the City East Route . If you want to get there by metro, the best option is the blue line that goes as far as Street 7.

If you go to the alleys in your own vehicle, it is better to know that you cannot park in these , since it is a pedestrian zone . The only option is to park around Santee Alley (paying by the hour) or in private parking lots where they charge you per day.

The Alleys Los Angeles Hours

Los Angeles Alleys are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. In general, they are closed on Sundays , although it is possible to find some shops open .