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Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families

If you travel to Los Angeles with family you will discover that every day is perfect to go to one of the best beaches in Los Angeles for families and enjoy them. Its tranquility, beauty, and good weather make the Los Angeles coast a charming place.

Discover 14 best beaches In Los Angeles for families that we recommend visiting on your trip.


Venice Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Venice Beach

Venice Beach in Los Angeles is famous not just for its beach but especially for the street performances on its seafront promenade. You can see a variety of shows that are so unique they’ve become iconic to the city, with some even appearing on TV programs worldwide. Located south of Santa Monica, Venice Beach is known for these performances on its promenade, Ocean Front Walk.

The 2.5km walk along the beach offers a wide range of attractions. On the west side, you’ll find street vendors and artists showcasing talents like break-dancing, juggling, and mime acts. There are also stalls selling unusual and creative handicrafts for those looking for a special souvenir. The east side features shops including famous Venice Beach t-shirt outlets, tattoo and piercing parlors, skate and surf shops, and stores selling sunglasses, vaporizers, beer, and shoes. Plus, there’s a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

In short, Venice Beach and its boardwalk offer so much diversity that you can easily spend a whole day there: relaxing on the beach in the morning and exploring the vibrant boardwalk in the afternoon.


Santa Monica Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Santa Monica beach

Santa Monica Beach, located in the coastal city of Santa Monica and just 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, is a renowned beach known for its lively atmosphere. The beach’s most notable features are the Santa Monica Pier and the small amusement park, both of which have been featured in many movies.

The pier, built in 1909, is a National Historic Monument. It’s a popular spot for fishermen, especially at sunset, and is known for hosting live concerts in the summer. The beach, over three kilometers long, is one of the largest in Los Angeles, offering ample space for beachgoers to relax.

Visitors to Santa Monica Beach can enjoy parks, picnic areas, and the iconic Baywatch lifeguard posts. This beach is also famous as the endpoint of the historic Route 66, which stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles.

For cycling enthusiasts, the Marvin Braude bike trail runs 22 miles along the beach, from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance. Bikes are available for rent along the promenade for those who don’t have their own.

The beach provides all necessary amenities for visitors, but it’s important to note that most parking lots require payment. It’s an ideal destination for both families and groups of friends.

For those using public transportation, the light blue subway line connects downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica Beach, with the journey taking about an hour.


Manhattan Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach has a warm beach where you can do popular activities like surfing, boogie boarding, and volleyball. It’s also known for its beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. In the evening, there are fancy spots along the beach where you can enjoy a cocktail and see people dressed up.


Long Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Long Beach

Long Beach is less crowded compared to other Los Angeles beaches, making it a more tranquil choice. According to legend, Long Beach played a significant role in popularizing surfing on the West Coast. However, surfing is currently not allowed there due to a breakwater installed for the safety of U.S. Navy ships. This makes Long Beach particularly suitable for families, as the calm waters pose no risk of strong waves.

Getting to Long Beach from Los Angeles is convenient. It’s about a half-hour drive by car, and taking public transportation, like the dark blue subway line, takes around an hour. This ease of access and the beach’s family-friendly atmosphere make it a great choice for a relaxing day out.


Cabrillo Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Cabrillo beach

For all those who want to enjoy a whole day at the beach, Cabrillo Beach is one of the best options. In Cabrillo Beach, you will find a very familiar atmosphere, since it is a quiet and pleasant place to walk and do various activities. Many tourists take the opportunity to visit the Cabrillo Maritime Aquarium , practice surfing in the part where the waves break, or take a bath in the open part of the port.

If you go by car from Los Angeles to Cabrillo Beach it will take approximately 40 minutes, however, if you decide to use public transport, it can take an hour and a half.



The Strand Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
The Strand Beach

This urban beach located north of Manhattan Beach, has a great atmosphere every day of the week. At The Strand beach you can surf, fish, bike, play volleyball and a lot of other activities.

It must be said that The Strand is almost always packed with people, making it difficult to find a free parking area.

From downtown Los Angeles to The Strand Beach, it takes approximately 40 minutes by car and an hour by public transportation.



Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families

Hermosa Beach is located between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, south of the city of Los Angeles. It is not only a good place to bathe and sunbathe, but it is also ideal for playing volleyball and strolling along its long seafront. For those who like to get around by bike or skates, there is also a paved path. This beach near Los Angeles is also a perfect place to go shopping in the coastal stores.

If you travel by car, the journey from the Downtown takes approximately one hour. By public transport, the journey takes an hour and a half since this beach is on the outskirts of Los Angeles.



Paradise Cove Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove Beach is quite close to Los Angeles and is located in Malibu. Its heavenly landscape makes this shore an ideal place for romantic getaways. In any case, it is a somewhat exclusive beach, since you have to pay an entrance fee to access it (it is a private beach). The price is around $9 and it has all kinds of services to spend a great day lying in the sun.

Paradise Cove is one of the most charming beaches in Southern California.



Leo Carillo Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Leo Carrillo State Beach

Stretching for more than a mile, Leo Carrillo State Park‘s beach boasts sea caves and small pools. One of the virtues of this beach is that it preserves its natural beauty and at the same time is well equipped for the public. Located in Malibu, this area is named after an environmentalist who worked for the California Beach and Parks Commission for 18 years. Inside the park, you can find grills and parking areas ($12) to spend a few days in the middle of nature. Besides, there is a tourist service office that offers guides and maps of the park’s trails, panoramic photos, and camping programs. Ideal for family getaways. In addition, dogs are allowed, something quite unusual.



El Matador Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
El Matador State Beach

Located 10 miles northwest of Malibu, Matador Beach is the most romantic beach. Its rocky coasts, the great waves, and the translucent water make this shore a spectacular place to see the sunsets. Of course, you will have to go down a fairly steep path to reach this paradise since it is a virgin landscape and no facility has been built, so there are no lifeguards. You have to watch the high tide and the presence of rocks. This beach is ideal for celebrating special dates or simply for nature lovers .



Zuma Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Zuma beach

Zuma Beach is a long and wide beach in Malibu that is known for being a clean and quiet place. This site is ideal for spending a weekend or holidays to relax. In addition, here you can find all the necessary services: bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, bike lanes, volleyball courts, and swings. Another point in favor of Zuma is that apart from being very easy to find a car park, the area offers the possibility to park for free. Ideal for families, groups of friends, and those passionate about body surfing and boogie boarders.



The Fisherman Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
El Pescador State Beach

This beach is located within the Robert H. Meyer State Beach and is the westernmost in the region. The main beach is a short drive from the parking lot, ideal if you’re traveling with kids and don’t want to take a long walk, and it’s located just off the Pacific Coast Highway. At the bottom of the cliff, there is a cave surrounded by impressive rocks and tide pools. Although El Pescador Beach is not so wild, it is much calmer than the surrounding beaches. Here there are no restaurants or beach bars, so it is advisable to take a sandwich and snacks with you. As its name indicates, there are plenty of fish here, starfish, snails, sea urchins… And also the California brown pelican and double-crested cormorants!



Abalone Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Abalone Cove Beach

A jewel located on the rugged coast of Palos Verde, it is famous for offering excellent views, good trails, and natural pools. The beach area has perfect places to spend the day and have a picnic. The path that runs along the beach and takes you to the Portuguese Point is its star attraction. The natural pools formed in the rocks of Abalone Cove beach (visit them at low tide ), are home to a variety of sea creatures such as small octopuses, anemones, hermit crabs, and sea hares.



Topanga Beach Best Beaches In Los Angeles For Families
Topanga beach

Although it is very famous among surfers, Topanga Beach can also be a paradise for all types of travelers: bathers, swimmers, divers, kayakers, and even sailors with catamarans. It is a perfect beach where you can spend the day, also if you travel with children since you will find a restaurant here. There is also a fishing store across the street if you feel like fishing. Bordered by Will Rogers Beach to the east and Las Tunas to the west, the beach is open to the public as soon as the sun rises.


Enjoy a great day in the sun and find your favorite beach from our list of best beaches in Los Angeles for families!