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The entire Hollywood neighborhoood  is itself a film set. Movie enthusiasts just have to walk carefully through the streets of Los Angeles to discover what was once the setting for a movie at every corner. Its good weather, the absence of rain and its wonderful light drew the attention of important directors. Among others, it impressed David Lynch , who said that no city shines the same. “Even in fog, there is something about its light that is not harsh, but bright and soft.”

And although the city of Los Angeles is perfect for filming abroad, if you travel to the world capital of cinema you can also discover important interior decorations. Especially through gastronomy .

In this article we show you 10 Los Angeles Restaurants Featured in Famous Movies . Some of them have been locations for major movies, such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2001), Ocean’s Eleven: Match Up (2001), Thor (2011) or Start Trek: Into the Dark (2013).

1. Musso & Frank Grill


The Musso & Frank Grill is the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. It was built in 1919, even before the iconic sign that stands on top of the hill with the letters that give the neighborhood its name.

Mark Echeverria, the director of operations, financial director and owner, assures that during the first days of life of this place, Charlie Chaplin was a regular customer.

To get to the restaurant , the famous actor and his colleagues raced down Hollywood Boulevard on horseback and the loser paid the bill for lunch . While they ate, they watched the horses from the only booth with a window. “It’s still known as the Charlie Chaplin booth,” Echeverria told Discover LA , the city’s tourist office.

In over 100 years, Musso’s has barely changed. Its interior is cozy, with wooden booths, the same way it looked when Chaplin went to dine there. And what hasn’t changed in the last century either is the menu, packed with traditional American dishes .

Musso & Frank Grill has been the setting for films such as ‘Ocean’s Eleven: Match Up’ (2001), ‘Hitchcock’ (2012) or ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ (2019)

The biggest hit on the menu is the filet mignon , cooked on a mesquite grill over an open fire that has been seasoned for more than 30 years. Also popular is the  beef grenadine , a recipe that was already served in 1920. But what you can’t miss are the martinis , as legendary as all the stars that have passed through this restaurant.

Musso & Frank Grill has been the setting for films such as Ocean’s Eleven: Match (2001), Hitchcock (2012) or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). In the latter, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio appear. They play Rick Dalton  and  Cliff Booth , respectively. A television star and his double, who at the beginning of the film meet in the iconic restaurant with   Marvin Schwarzs , played by  Al Pacino .

2. Pizzeria Mozza


No doubt.  Pizzeria Mozza is the best pizzeria not only in Los Angeles, but also in the entire United States . It is known for its Californian ingredients and, above all, for its crust

” It’s soft and chewy in places, crisply charred in others, slightly sweet, even more slightly bitter ,” the New York Times published about it. A similar opinion is held by the Los Angeles Times , which in a 2007 review noted that its pizzas were “tender and crispy.”

This restaurant is an expression of the unique culinary aesthetic and approach of Nancy Silverton , owner and manager of Pizzeria Mozza. Food critic Gael Greene noted that she had “never imagined [Nancy] would achieve perfection like this”.

This store, located at 641 Highland Avenue, is one of the locations of the Worth It program . Specifically, he appears in the episode $5 pizza Vs $135 pizza . Hosts Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj, along with cameraman Adam Bianchi, visit three restaurants offering similar dishes to compare prices. And one of them is filmed in this fantastic pizzeria.

3. Lake Hollywood Park

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Enjoying food in Los Angeles doesn’t just have to be in restaurants. One of the most recommended options for those who spend a few days in the city is to walk up to the mythical sign at the top of the hill that bears the name of the Hollywood has appeared in so many movies.

On the way back from the walk, you can stop to rest and eat at Lake Hollywood Park , a picturesque park with a large expanse of grass overlooking the sign.

It is common to see families enjoying a picnic. One of the options is to reserve at Mendocino Farms . Offering sandwiches, creative salads and more, this establishment takes you on an unexpected culinary adventure with fresh ingredients and bold flavor combinations.

Films such as Not Today Satan (2015), Full Circle (2015) or Man’s Best Friend (2015) have been shot in this setting.

4. All Seasons Brewing at Firestone Tire Shop


For the complete LA experience, make a stop at All Season Brewing Co , a place that focuses on good beer, good times and good people. This is a space that was once the site of the mid-century Firestone tire store on Miracle Mile. In 2021 it was transformed into the bar it is now, brewing amazing beers in its own glass-lined 15-barrel brewhouse .

However, All Season Brewing makes it clear that before they are a brewery they are a bar. It features a full bar of classic and draft cocktails , wine, and our house-made ginger beer.

And to go with it, you can order Mexican food provided by  Chicas Tacos  , including tacos, burritos, nachos, and plant-based offerings. Nothing better than tasty food to accompany the drink.

5. The Barish

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Movie lovers cannot miss the opportunity to stop by the Roosevelt Hotel , located on the same main avenue in Hollywood. Angelenos say that it is in the pool of this enclosure where Marilyn Monroe liked to swim . It was also the place where the first Oscars were held, in 1919, or where stars like Clark Gable stayed.

Inside is The Barish , one of LA’s most memorable restaurants, also owned by chef Nancy Silverton . The venue sits close to places like The Spare Room. The Hollywood Roosevelt is undoubtedly the most coveted place to see and be seen in Los Angeles.

The name originates from Nancy’s paternal grandmother’s family. The restaurant features a 110-seat dining room characterized by a central wood- burning fireplace and a renovated space that preserves Spanish Colonial Revival details with modern furnishings inspired by the Italian countryside where Nancy spent her summers cooking over an open fire. 

6. Getty Center Restaurant


High on a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains near Highway 405, at Sepúlveda Pass, is the Getty Center . It functions as a free-entry campus and is the home of the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Foundation.

The name of the center alludes to the businessman and Jean Paul Getty (1892-1976), who allocated part of his fortune to a private art collection and a Roman-style villa. This magnate acquired art since the 1930s and today his work has given rise to a cultural and philanthropic institution dedicated to the presentation, conservation and interpretation of the world’s artistic heritage.

Through the collective and individual work of its constituent programs—Getty Conservation Institute, Getty Foundation, J. Paul Getty Museum, and Getty Research Institute—Getty pursues its mission in Los Angeles and around the world, serving both the general public and the interested public. to a wide range of professional communities in order to promote a vital civil society through an understanding of the visual arts .

It is an ideal place to spend a Sunday morning . You can enjoy the art, stroll through its colorful gardens and savor a fantastic brunch in its restaurants with views of the Santa Monica Mountains, either indoors or outdoors. 

7.Running Goose

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The culinary experience is based on the Central American influence. It offers a three-course menu that includes your choice of a starter, main course, and dessert paired with two glasses of red or white wine.

8. The Rose Venice


The Rose is an iconic restaurant in the heart of Venice Beach serving locals and travelers alike since 1979. Chef Jason Neroni introduces modern California through cuisine that is globally influenced and seasonally driven by local farms .

The menu is complemented by a carefully selected wine list highlighting producers who focus on following self-sustaining practices.

This large and extensive establishment has indoor and outdoor space, as well as a full market and bakery, cafeteria and craft cocktails.

Among its main dishes you can find beetroot humus, octopus ceviche or Italian burratas.