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date spots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may not be the first place that comes to mind for romantic experiences like candlelit dinners, marriage proposals, or romantic photos. However, LA has some hidden gems that are worth exploring for couples looking for a special date.

Here are 15 perfect date spots in Los Angeles that offer dreamy settings and unforgettable moments for those who want to declare their love or simply enjoy a romantic evening.

The Canals of Naples and the Queen Mary

Most people know about Venice’s canals near its famous beach. But not many know about Naples’ canals, which are just as exciting. They’re calm and beautiful, and located in a luxurious, green area south of Long Beach. The canals are a hidden gem that tourists usually miss. You’ll be captivated by the lovely scenery, making it perfect for a romantic summer outing. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there from downtown LA, assuming there’s no traffic.

date spots in Los Angeles
Canals of Naples

Once in Long Beach, take the opportunity to visit the Queen Mary and drunk with love and romance, why not book the Saturday night on the legendary liner to enjoy the Sunday brunch the next morning… with champagne! The Queen Mary also has a chapel, a romantic gazebo and multiple reception rooms. The crew will be entirely at your service for the organization of your wedding . So… ready to take the plunge?

queen Mary Date Spots In Los Angeles
©Queen Mary

Angels Flight, Blue Ribbon Garden at the Walt Disney Concert Hall et Wilshire Grand Intercontinental

Downtown LA is no longer the aging and abandoned neighborhood of the 80s and 90s. Today, downtown LA is modern, airy, stylish and offers a host of cool and original places, activities and trendy places for evening outings.

Movie lovers might want to re-do the famous kissing scene from the movie La La Land in the must-see Angels Flight . What could be more romantic than a ride on the smallest funicular in the world?Despite a hundred years of troubled history, it’s still standing strong. Now that’s what true love looks like!

Angels Flight Date Spots In Los Angeles
Angels Flight

Nearby, if you pass by the Walt Disney Theatre for an evening concert or a simple visit of the places during the day, do not miss the Blue Ribbon Garden . Sheltered from prying eyes, this small hanging flower garden located on the roofs of the prestigious hall welcomes visitors looking for shade and rest, locals at lunchtime… you will escape the noise and activity for a few minutes. When you’re downtown, make sure to snap a picture by the famous fountain called “Rose for Lilly.” It was designed by Frank Gehry to honor Lillian Disney and features a big rose covered in mosaics and Delft faience, which she adored.

Blue Ribbon Garden Date Spots In Los Angeles
Blue Ribbon Garden at Walt Disney Concert Hall

After a romantic day in Downtown LA, head to the Wilshire Grand Intercontinental for dinner or cocktails at dusk. It’s the tallest building west of the Mississippi and was recently inaugurated in the summer of 2017. With 73 floors, it houses a hotel, a luxurious French restaurant on the 71st floor (called La Boucherie , reservations are recommended), a more casual eatery with a view on the 69th floor (Dekkadance), a chic rooftop on the 73rd floor (Spire 73), and a panoramic bar that serves snacks during the day on the 70th floor (Lobby Lounge).

Echo Park Lake

Just a few minutes away from the lively atmosphere of Downtown, you’ll find Echo Park, which captures the city’s vibe perfectly. With its palm tree-lined streets and peaceful lake, it’s a local favorite that’s often overlooked by tourists. It’s a beautiful and serene spot, perfect for a romantic break from a busy day of sightseeing. The best way to enjoy it is to rent a pedal boat or Hawaiian canoe (note: canoes are only available on weekends). If it’s too hot, you can cool off by approaching the photogenic fountain in the center of the lake and get sprayed with water. And if you visit in the spring when the lotuses bloom, you’re in for a real treat!

Echo Park Lake Date Spots In Los Angeles
Echo Park Lake

Unforgettable walk on the beach

Everyone knows that no love story is complete without a romantic beach. Luckily, LA has plenty to choose from. But which one is perfect for that unforgettable kiss? Our top three favorites are:

First, there’s Paradise Cove in Malibu (28128 Pacific Coast Highway). While it’s a public beach, it’s located in front of private property, which makes the setting even more heavenly. You can grab a bite to eat at the restaurant or have a drink at the Paradis Beach Café with your feet in the water.

If you’re looking for a quieter and more secluded option, head west towards Point Dume. This is a great choice for budget-conscious lovers since you can park for free on Cliffside Road and enjoy a wilder beach.

If you’re planning on staying in the area for dinner, we recommend the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant. It’s romantic and has a breathtaking view of the ocean, all at affordable prices.

Paradise Cove Date Spots In Los Angeles
Paradise Cove

Moving further south, our favorite beach is Hermosa Beach. It’s much less crowded with tourists than Santa Monica and has a quieter atmosphere that appeals to true enthusiasts of Los Angeles . At sunset, Angelenos from all walks of life come together and simply enjoy life on the pier and the beach.

Hermosa Beach Date Spots In Los Angeles
Hermosa Beach

Huntington Library Botanical Gardens in San Marino

During your stay, we recommend taking a walk to San Marino, which is very close to the charming Pasadena. In this northeast sector of LA, the atmosphere is colorful and has a slightly Mediterranean feel, thanks to the beautiful “Spanish-Revival” architecture. It’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll, especially during the soft and lively evenings. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Huntington Library’s botanical gardens, which cover 60 hectares and offer an idyllic setting for a romantic walk amidst exotic scents, Japanese gardens, and collections of roses (for which the region is famous). If you’re there on Valentine’s Day, you can also enjoy the winter flower and camellia blooms.

Huntington Library Botanic Garden Date Spots In Los Angeles
Huntington Library Botanic Gardens

Day at Santa Catalina Island

That sounds like a perfect getaway for lovers seeking a peaceful and romantic escape. Santa Catalina seems like a hidden gem, a place where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and the charm of a small town. The fact that cars are prohibited and golf carts are used instead adds to the island’s unique character. The Avalon casino also sounds like a must-see, especially for enthusiasts of Art Deco and Mediterranean Neo-Renaissance architecture. The “Twilight” evening tour with a romantic stroll and a glass of wine is the perfect way to end a day full of exploration and adventure.

Catalina Island Date Spots In Los Angeles
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island

Griffith Observatory

The observatory is a classic! It is certainly very touristy, but nevertheless remains a must-visit spot, especially at times when the sun is setting over Los Angeles. The twilight and the night view are spectacular. To escape the crowds, we advise you to take a walk on the Charlie Turner Trail. This path is rather easy to access, and you can complete the 3.4-mile (5.4 km) loop in 2 to 3 hours. You do not, however, have to climb up to Dante’s View. You can completely turn back when you want to, and still enjoy breathtaking views of LA and the observatory. The trail offers a chance to embrace all the beauty of this natural and urban landscape.

Date Spots In Los Angeles
Charlie Turner Trail

A chic dinner for a special request in Hollywood

Two establishments caught our attention. Remember, when it comes to making a marriage proposal all the fantasies are allowed, you only live once!

First of all the Japanese restaurant Yamashiro (1999 N Sycamore Ave, by reservation only). The historic establishment is located on the hills, the setting is superb and with a purely exceptional view, very popular for weddings, it is however quite expensive.

Restaurant Yamashiro Date Spots In Los Angeles
Restaurant Yamashiro

The second is the famous Chateau Marmont (8221 Sunset Blvd, by reservation) on the mythical Sunset Boulevard. The place is steeped in history, the atmosphere quite exceptional, go there at least for a delicious cocktail, you shouldn’t be disappointed, the menu is “to die for” .

Chateau Marmont Date Spots In Los Angeles
Chateau Marmont

Small budgets can get away from Hollywood and reach the Getty Center in the hills of Santa Monica. The museum has a restaurant prized for its elegance. The establishment is uncluttered, with huge bay windows offering superb views of the surroundings and the gardens as well as a very beautiful terrace, a must if you have lunch or dinner in the area!

Date Spots In Los Angeles

Now you know all best places to make a perfect date!