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Not only does Los Angeles host the largest apparel manufacturing center in the United States, but it is also the base for some of the trendiest clothing lines today. LA designers distance themselves from the high-pressure, expensive, and competitive environment of New York and the rat race of New York Fashion Week. They create on their own terms, prioritize ethical and local production as well as maintaining a sustainable personal lifestyle.

Unlike Rodarte, most of these LA-based brands do not aim to compete with the heavyweights of fashion month on the runway. Instead, they concentrate on producing well-crafted pieces that people genuinely desire to wear, often at affordable prices.

Let’s take a look at these 10 Cool Made-In Los Angeles Brands You Should Know:

1. Gil Rodriguez

Gil Rodriguez, founded by Eliana Gil Rodriguez, specializes in a small number of fashion items and excels at them, particularly with their simple-cut bodysuits and cotton garments that bring to mind the late 1980s and early 1990s. Each piece is crafted by hand in a transparent and ethical manner in Downtown Los Angeles.

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2. Clare V

Clare V is one of the most prominent handbag designers based in Los Angeles.Her almost eponymous collection includes pared-down pouches, totes, top handles, and other delightful, functional accessories, combining Parisian charm with Southern California’s relaxed sensibility. As a member of the CFDA, Clare also runs a fantastic boutiques : one in the trendy Silverlake neighborhood of LA and the other in West Hollywood.

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3. Rails

Rails is Hollywood’s top-secret when it comes to wardrobe basics, with a reputation for producing comfortable sundresses and relaxed button-downs made from the most exquisite and softest fabrics. The brand’s effortless yet finely crafted pieces are beloved by numerous celebrities.

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4. Anemos

Anemos, a Los Angeles-based brand, offers minimalist swimwear and beachwear with a ’90s aesthetic that appeals to many. Initially, the label focused on an expertly curated selection of stylish bikinis. However, it has since evolved into a brand that many fashionable women pack for their vacations. Anemos is a dream label for those who appreciate simplicity and understated elegance.

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5. LNA

LNA, co-founded by the effortlessly cool Lauren Alexander, is a collection of wardrobe staples that are far from basic. The line offers sultry yet wearable essentials, including single-shoulder tanks and cutout dresses, crafted from soft and slinky fabrics. With LNA, you can expect to find comfortable and alluring pieces that will enhance your wardrobe.

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6. Calle del Mar

Aza Ziegler, a designer who launched her own line straight out of design school, is a remarkable success story. Her designs are refreshingly fun, colorful, and unique compared to the typical LA fashion scene, while still embodying a wearable, laid-back California style. Moreover, all her products are not only manufactured in Los Angeles but also in factories owned and run by women, who use ethically sourced fabrics.

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7. Rezek Studio

Introducing the fresh collection of Rezek Studio – a range of smooth, disco-influenced garments crafted to embrace your body in the most flattering way. Dress up in the Boogie Dress along with strappy sandals for a delightful evening under the stars, or opt for a stylish look by pairing the Foxy Top with vintage jeans. Every piece has a distinctive charm yet is versatile enough to fit into your wardrobe effortlessly.

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8. Raquel Allegra

Raquel Allegra is recognized for her exclusive collection of elevated, shredded T-shirts, and now she has broadened her line to incorporate relaxed, effortlessly stylish separates and dresses with a comfortably worn-out vibe. Apart from some knitwear, all of her products are produced in Los Angeles, and her merchandise can be found in various outlets such as Barneys, Net-a-Porter, Shopbop, and Revolve. Furthermore, her charming LA flagship store on 3rd Street offers her complete range of products.

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9. Shaina Mote

Similar to many Los Angeles-based labels, Shaina Mote offers trendy and ageless wardrobe basics, but with her own unique flair and emphasis placed on construction and fitting. Her brand is carried by only the most fashionable retailers, including Bird, Need Supply, The Dreslyn, Totokaelo, and others.

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10. Donni

Well before the pandemic brought loungewear to the forefront of fashion, Donni was already an expert in this area. Their high-end basics come in a variety of mood-boosting hues and some of the most luxurious fabrics available, and the brand regularly offers coordinated sets that prioritize both fashion and comfort.

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